Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekly Bargains: Free Diapers from Pampers & Huggies

It's never too early to start stocking up on baby essentials, and free stuff makes it easy to get a head start. That's why each week I'll be sharing links to freebies and other bargains that I come across or, as in the case of this week's freebie, gets pointed out to me by thoughtful friends.

We're considering going with cloth diapers for reasons I'm sure I'll write about in the future, but even so it never hurts to have a few of the disposable kind on hand. These free sample offers from the two major diaper brands will help us build an emergency stash to cover several stages of our baby's growth:

Get a free sample of Pampers Extra Protection at

Get three free diapers and a coupon from Huggies Pure and Natural.

Come across any baby-related bargains you'd like to share? Tell us all about them in the comments.

A Machine Called Jayne

Meet Jayne. Like her namesake, Jayne is not entirely dependable or trustworthy, but she's sturdy and she generally gets the job done. She's the machine I stitched up my Home Ec homework on in 9th grade, and she spent the last decade or so in a closet in my mom's home, waiting until the day I lamented that I would like to start sewing again to be hauled out, dusted off and put to work.

The last part took a while to get around to, mainly because I was so sure that sitting in a closet for so long had probably rendered her inoperable. That, and I just couldn't find the proper motivation to make time for sewing. But last week I finally threaded her and tried out some stitches, and I'm happy to report that she worked just fine with a little finessing and sweet talk. The bobbin-maker (I'm sure there's a technical name for that, but don't ask me what it is) doesn't work, so I'll have to wind bobbins by hand, which is a PITA, but it's a small price to pay for knowing I have the means to whip up fabulous custom linens for Little Bit's room.

Friday, November 27, 2009

About Project Little Bit

Welcome to Project Little Bit!

I'm Jean, your host and proprietor. My husband and I recently discovered that we've got a bun in the oven who shall henceforth be known as "Little Bit" (at least until we give it a real name), and we've got about seven months to get ready for its arrival on a super-tight budget. Thankfully, I'm not completely bereft of DIY skills and crafty know-how, which I'll be putting to work as I try to pull together a cozy little nursery for the wee one. Follow along as I share my various nursery project successes and foibles here. I'll also be bringing you bargain baby finds, as well as keeping an eye on what's going on in the baby decorating blogosphere.

A few essential facts about me: I'm 36 (I'll be 37 when the baby's due) and, obviously because I said so already in the first paragraph, married. This will be our first furless baby, which has us both a little nervous, because let's face it, you can't just throw a bowl of kibble down for the furless kind and get rewarded with wagging tails and snuggles and call it a day. I'm a geek, a writer, a web designer and a fan of all things Whedon (but not the rabid kind, I promise!). I knit, and I'm re-learning how to sew--a skill I first learned in 9th grade Home Ec and haven't practiced much since--on a machine that's even older than my first sewing lesson (and possibly older than me). I once had a job doing data entry for a famous televangelist, which isn't so much essential as it is random, but I thought this could use a little spicing up. I also once managed a rock band. That's right, I'm cool. Or is it hip? I don't know, I can't keep up with these damn kids and their slang. Shut up and get off my lawn!

If you enjoy this blog and want to know more about the host, you can check out Daydream Believer, my personal blog about life as a freelancer and wannabe novelist. If you want to see if I've got the chops for that novelist gig, you can read This Old Haunt and judge for yourself. And if you'd like to see how I could put my skills to work for you, you can check out my list of services and work portfolio at The Task Wrangler.

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter, where friending or following me will make me squeal with girlish glee.

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